Registration, personal identity code & change of address

Digital and Population Data Services Agency (former Local Register Office / Maistraatti) enters data into the Finnish Population Information System and can issue a Finnish personal identity code (if you have not received it earlier i.e. when you have applied for a residence permit or registration as an EU citizen). You need a personal identity code in order to open a bank account or to obtain a telephone subscription, for example. The Local Register Office also decides whether a Finnish municipality of residence (kotikunta) can be entered for you. If you have a municipality of residence in Finland, in most cases you are entitled to use the services provided by the municipality. 

Please bring along the following documents when you visit:

  • a passport or a valid photo ID
  • an employment contract (if your stay is work-related)
  • a residence permit (if you need a residence permit for Finland)*
  • a certificate of registration of an EU citizen’s right to reside (if you are an EU citizen)*

If you have accompanying family members, please also bring: 

  • a marriage certificate (if you are married)
  • children's birth certificates (if you have children who are under 18)

All official documents must be notarised originals or translations by authorised translators.

*required in order to get a Finnish municipality of residence.

Open: Monday–Friday 9:00–16:15