Info about TE (employment) services & registering as a jobseeker

The TE Office representative at International House Helsinki provides general information and advice on TE (employment) services and instructs on the use of online services. It is also possible to register as a jobseeker. 

There are two ways of registering as a jobseeker:

  1. Via the E-services, if you can sign into the service with online banking codes, a mobile certificate from your mobile operator or a smart ID card and you are a citizen of an EU or EEA Member State.
    E-services in Finnish and Swedish
  2. If you cannot sign into E-services or are a citizen of other countries (and have a residence permit), you must visit the local TE Office or the TE service desk at International House Helsinki.
    TE Offices’ contact information

After the registration, continued contacts with TE services are handled at your local TE Office. For access to other TE services, please contact your local TE Office. 

Open: Monday–Friday 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00